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Do not fall prey to the victim’s mentality

Survivors embrace life and flock with it. They live in the present and control their lives. They are fully aware that they are solely responsible for what is happening. They know that taking responsibility for their lives, they have the power to change their lives.

Victims, on the other hand, plunge into pity for themselves, argue with life and push it back. They live in the past, believing that they are powerless to change circumstances – their key to avoiding responsibility. They live defensively and remain frozen in time, without making progress because their perceptions tell them that they are weak.

The cost of the victim’s mentality is prohibitive

It adversely affects every area of life – professional and personal. Those who see themselves as failures, dwell in a victim because failure comes only to those who give up.
If we really want to shift from the victim’s mindset, we must first have it. We can’t change what we don’t have. We must change our position and know that “change begins with me”. We must embrace survival and take actual steps… No matter how small or insignificant it may seem now, towards a goal that we are looking forward to achieving.

More importantly, we must constantly strengthen ourselves with the phrases “I can” and “I will” and put an end to insulting phrases and beliefs “I can’t” or “I won’t.”
We must embrace gratitude — the greatest of situations. Every day we need to spend time thinking about all the things that make us happy, and about all the things that are going well in our lives. Focusing our mind/energy on positive attitudes helps to counter the victim’s mindset.

In the end, we must honor ourselves with the same degree of respect and love that we try to give to others. Only then will our minds and actions shift from the victim’s state to the survival situation.
The truth is that we can’t control the actions of others or every circumstance that appears in our lives, but we can control how we react to them. We don’t have to be victims. It’s a choice. Whatever happens or comes our way, we must view it as a challenge and not an excuse.

Are you looking for a strong partner to help erase the negative victim tapes that recur in your head? Look no further than your local gym. Blood flow and the initiation of “happiness and feeling happy” hormones through difficult exercises are one of the best ways to overcome negativity, defeat the victim’s mentality and put yourself on the fast track to feel physical, mental, and emotional health.
“You yourself, like anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and passion.”

Gautama Buddha

The victim needs to realize that small changes in behavior and attitudes can lead to large rewards.
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Caroline Hansen is a certified fitness expert and owner of a fitness center, and in nearly 30 years of her experience in fitness and bodybuilding competition has helped thousands of people start their journey towards losing weight, becoming strong, fit and young at any age.

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