Take advantage of the lasting energy of momentumTake advantage of the lasting energy of momentum

The energy for success is high, and in fact very high, so that just enjoying the presence of those who have achieved high levels of it can be enough to energize you for a while. Just like an activated rabbit!

Unfortunately, feeding from others is a temporary solution.

When noticing very successful colleagues, friends, and entrepreneurs in your circle, note the few traits and habits they all share, and that they share.
Determining momentum is easy when we think from the perspective of a domino effect, because that’s what it is. Get that great and powerful power that works for you, and one other’s success will follow just as the dominoes that are clicked on will click on all the others in a row using its own momentum!

Momentum is the key element of success – and the superiors realize it, so take advantage of that power and harness its energy!

Scientifically you can look at Isaac Newton’s first law of motion when determining momentum: “Things tend to remain in motion unless they are acted upon by an external force.”
Apply this law to your life. Whether you’re looking to change your work or personal relationships, improve your mental attitude toward self-love, create and enjoy a healthy diet or sculpt the body of your dreams, building and maintaining momentum is the essential element that not only gives you there, but keeps you there.

This poses the next part of this law.

“Existing objects remain in a state of dormancy unless they are acted upon by an external force.”

Momentum is a force and needs energy to stay mobile or turn itself off. As soon as the engine is turned off, it shuts down and loses all the power gained. This means that in order to proceed in the same direction, the engine must be restarted again, and it is always difficult to start the engine instead of continuing to start it.
Do it!
The action is what drives the momentum and the momentum is what drives the action, therefore, on the more practical hand, momentum is “the force gained through movement or through a series of actions”.

How many times have you heard a coach or teacher say, “Just do it!” They know the value of momentum and know “where the movement is there is momentum.”

Despite the strength of the momentum, sometimes the smallest obstacles can hinder its progress and hinder its flow in the same way that a rolling snowball can be torn apart by small rocks in its path.

We must nurture the momentum and treat it with respect by feeding it the ingredients necessary for growth and we must keep obstacles off track if we want to enjoy and maintain its strength.

It would be wise to start building this permanent type of energy and a good place to start is to think about our daily habits and behaviors.
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All habits and behaviors must be in line with what we want to achieve in life (our goals in life). If our habits work against our goals, the momentum will be elusive and non-existent.

Discipline, by itself, is a key force towards building and sustaining momentum. Once we have appropriate habits that support our deep desires, their disciplined repetition (constant movement) feeds them.
It’s time for your muscles to show up and set yourself to “appear.” Or “just do it.”

The more you perform any task, the easier it becomes when you enter into the kind of rhythm and flow that makes each task move forward easier. The magic power of momentum quickly takes matters for you and makes you roll towards your goals.

As a force, momentum gets a nice boost of energy with every goal you meet along the way. Achieve your goals consistently and keep an eye on your energy levels, motivations and momentum rising!

“Success seems to be tied to work. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t give up.” – Conrad Hilton

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