The Future of Diagnostic Tests

If you have a chronic or recurrent infection, getting accurate results of diagnostic tests can make a huge difference in quality of care and quality of life. Infected patients appreciate the accuracy that comes from the rigorous tests, diagnosis, and good treatment provided by MicroGenDX’s next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS). When a patient is infected, antibiotics or antifungals are usually prescribed by their health care provider.
Such antimicrobials are often selected on the basis of culture, the development of the specimen in a petri dish. There are limitations to this 150-year-old technology that MicroGenDX helps solve. MicroGenDX uses DNA sequencing technology to identify all bacteria and fungi in a sample of an infected patient, and does not require growth. NGS detects many microbes that cultures often miss. This provides the patient’s doctor with a more comprehensive result that allows for appropriate and improved treatment. “Our mission at MicroGenDX is to improve clinical outcomes by providing doctors and their patients with the most informative and impactful microbial diagnostic tests that science can provide,” says CEO Rick Martin. MicroGenDX makes a difference to patients like Kelsey, who suffered from a painful urinary tract infection that left her bedridden.
When Kelsey finally received the right antibiotic to treat the infection based on the results of the MicroGenDX test, she was able to recover and return to a pain-free life. “What makes MicroGenDX unique is our curated database of more than 50,000 microbes, our improved completion time, our patient-friendly price point, and our clinical research data that strongly supports the clinical benefit of next-generation sequencing,” Martin stresses. Next generation sequencing (NGS) is a technique that allows for more specific identification of pathogenic organisms than traditional cultures and genetic polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests used in many laboratories. Although the technology itself is not new, MicroGenDX, which has been operating for 12 years, has made NGS possible for use in a daily clinical environment. In the past, NGS technology was expensive and time-consuming. Today, NGS is used by a variety of major companies and research institutions, including NASA, through MicroGenDX, and MicroGenDX helps open the door to the use of NGS in clinical medicine. ) ،
Prostate infections, hip and knee infections, wound infections, sinus infections, lung infections and more. The company continues to conduct research to expand the technology-specific evidence base, with more than 35 published clinical studies and more than 40 ongoing clinical trials. The NGS of MicroGenDX has a number of benefits over traditional culture and polymerase chain reaction laboratories: – accuracy. The MicroGenDX test matches patient samples with its own microbial database of 50,000 species to maximize accuracy in NGS results. – Affordability. MicroGenDX provides low prices for both qPCR and NGS to help doctors and patients control costs without sacrificing quality. – Speed. MicroGenDX has the fastest turnover time of any NGS provider on the market in 3-5 working days for most NGS samples. – Variety.
The MicroGenDX laboratory accepts a wide range of samples and can provide information on hard-to-cultivate and uncommon bacterial and fungal species, including Mycobacterium and mold. – Antibiotic resistance: MicroGenDX recognizes the threat posed by antibiotic-resistant organisms to current medicine and the more than 35,000 deaths of a year caused. The use of NGS allows targeted antibiotic therapy that helps combat the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. MicroGenDX also detects the presence of 17 antibiotic-resistant genes allowing doctors to avoid ineffective treatments. Visit the microgendx.com website for more information about the company’s services and check them out on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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